The Ciavolichs, Bulgarian wool merchants, arrived in Abruzzo in 1500 and settled in Miglianico, in Chieti Province. During the course of the years, they became landowners and in 1853, they built the family’s first wine cellar in Miglianico, right opposite the palace in which they lived and next to the Saint Pantaleone church. Even today, the cellar is one of the most ancient in not only Abruzzo but also in Italy.

At that time, the entire hillside was covered in the family’s vineyards. During the harvest, the ox-drawn carts climbed up as far as this square, transporting the baskets of harvested grapes. The grapes were then pressed by an antique press and, thanks to a series of drains dug into the land below the first floor of the ancient cellar, they fell due to gravity down to the floor below where they fermented in the fermentation stores located there. Today, the first floor is the head office of an elegant and modern winery. The grottos on the lower level host wine tastings and high profile gourmet events. Once inside the grottos, you will be enveloped by the atmosphere of a bygone era and you will experience the history of centuries past.



The true protagonist is history itself and it will surround your special experience and that of your guests. 


You can start with an aperitif in the grotto and then dine by candlelight in the winery or choose an open plan and alternative style wedding. We are ready to fulfil your dream and give all of your guests a day to remember.

Context: Historical
Cuisine: Imaginative Abruzzese
Seating for: 60 guests
Open plan weddings: Max 120 people


We are opposite the sea in Vasto, in Abruzzo, on the Trabocchi coastline, the most awe-inspiring part of the Adriatic.

Here the SEA is all around. Ceremonies with a taste of sun and salt. The SEA. Just like on holiday – evenings on the beach gazing at the stars, in the open air, happy thoughts, romance…..

Vistamare receptions are held in an enchanting location and completely surrounded by greenery, amongst 10 hectares of parkland. With a maximum capacity of 250 guests, the restaurant, Vistamare, can put on both winter and summer wedding banquets. There is a reception room inside and when the weather allows, there is a veranda and swimming pools outside.

Here, the most important day of your life lasts until dawn, without time constraints. On Vistamare’s spectacular terrace you can take in nature’s wonders, the panoramic swimming pools and the private beach, used for the most glamorous of parties, firework displays over the sea. You and your guests can choose from the most romantic panoramic rooms during your stay with us. All of which takes place in an intimate and refined atmosphere.




And….for the most audacious: a barefoot wedding. Vistamare gives you the possibility of celebrating your marriage right on the beach, exchanging your “I DOs” in the sunset.


Everything necessary is laid on – the gazebo, the altar, the seating for the bride and bridegroom and the witnesses, the seating for the guests…but above all, the unmissable lapping of the waves and the sea breeze, tantalising all of the senses.

Context: Mediterranean
Cuisine: Mediterranean
Seating for: 250 inside / 350 outside
Accommodation for: approximately 2000 among bungalows, mobile homes and tents.


Hills covered in vines and olive groves, a cellar and a breathtaking sunset over the Gran Sasso.

Right here in Loreto Aprutino, you find the Ciavolich Homestead, a late nineteenth century farmhouse, wisely renovated and endowed with every facility and detail in order to hold small events and banquets.

Nature and wine, true protagonists, abound: in the vines, in the cellar, in the barrels and in the bottles.

Wine is enjoyment, a journey. Wine is a knowing emotion, wine is life.

Loreto Aprutino


We welcome you with bubbles on a lawn covered in bales of hay. You can dine by candlelight under the pergola whilst gazing at the Sleeping Beauty.


These are emotions you can enjoy in various corners of the estate. This is why it’s the perfect location for a chic country wedding and an unforgettable wedding album.

Context: Chic Country
Cuisine: Typical abruzzese
Seating for: 60 inside / 80 outside
Accommodation for: 10 people


BR1 originates from the restoration of an eighteenth century palace which looks out onto Largo Belvedere in Montesilvano Colle.

The renovation was inspired by the idea of bringing the building’s natural beauty back to life, in harmony with its setting, its history and its scenic location. With a fresh and modern approach, it was rivitalised and reinstated within the heart of the medieval village.

Its multiplicity of expression is summed up by its name: UNO (ONE)


A collection of histories, a building of art, for art.


A hospitable and fun place, a physical space, but with invisible borders, ready to welcome, transmit and continuously renew its nucleus.


Montesilvano Colle


A splendid terrace by the sea that still preserves the characteristics of a fortified medieval town with small single or two- storey houses .


There are some noble palaces and the square, where the memory of people of centuries past chatting is still recalled today. The dressmakers, the barons and the apothecaries have made the history of the hill what it is today.

Context: Urban
Cuisine: Imaginative
Seating for: 45 inside / 80 outside
Accommodation: 8 bedrooms


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